Summary of the Slot Game, “Rumble Rhino Megaways”

Wizard Games is Pariplay’s in-house firm, and its 2021 release, Rumble Rhino Megaways, was the first game to employ Big Time Gaming’s ubiquitous game engine. They might have gone big and capitalized on a well-known brand, but instead they just added it to an older slot machine from Pariplay called Rhino Rumble that came out at the beginning of the year. Although it has more reels and ways than the original, Rumble Rhino Megaways actually has less innovative features than the original game had, such as Mega Symbols, Mystery Symbols, and some of the least creative free spins you’ll find in a Megaways game.

If the term “Rhino” appears in the title of a slot machine, you can expect that you’ll be traveling to the African plains and mingling with various animals. So it is in Rumble Rhino Megaways, a grassy plain with acacia trees, rocky outcrops, and a light clouded sky where a 6-reel game grid is basking in the sun. You have to give credit where credit is due; Wizard Games has a respectable graphics team. It would be intriguing to see what the team might come up with if they were given fresh material to work with. Players with a passion for biology should enjoy this game since the animals on the reels look genuine. However, Rumble Rhino Megaways has a style that players are already familiar with, and the only adequate theme presentation is ultimately betrayed by the features.

The grid in Rumble Rhino Megaways is obviously not perfectly square. This is because 6 symbols can appear on the first and second reels, and 7 on the third, fourth, and fifth. When the entire panel is full of symbols, that implies 86,436 methods are being used, for a success percentage of 14.24%. This is on the low side for a slot game that isn’t themed on fruit, but on the plus side, the default RTP is 96.16%, which is above average, and the volatility is medium-high.

Animals, including meerkats, birds, antelopes, zebras, cheetahs, and gorillas, populate the high-paying symbols on this slot, which can be played for as little as 50 cents a spin up to a whopping £/€100. A payment of between 0.4 and 2.5 times the stake is offered for landing a combination of six animal tiles. The low value of the four royal symbols makes the Megaways payout even more meager. If you stake one Euro and get three “jacks,” you win 0.01 times your wager, or 1 cent. In any case, the rhino serves as a wild symbol, standing in for all others save the bonus sign.

Slot Machine Rumble Rhino Megaways Functions

Rumble Rhino Megaways’ features aren’t going to sway you if you haven’t already been convinced by the game. Free games, Mega Symbols, and Mystery Mask Symbols may all be found in this paytable.

Mega Symbols can partially or completely fill the center four reels. The amount of Megaways is equal to the sum of the symbols utilized in the game’s calculation times the number of reel places it covers when it hits. The Mega Symbol may substitute for any symbol except the Wild and Scatter.

When a string of Mystery Masks appears, each one will unmask a different pay icon. There is also the possibility of Mega 4×7 Mystery Mask Symbols.

When the diamond scatter symbol appears on reels 1 and 6, the player receives 12 free games. Surprisingly, the bonus round plays out exactly the same as the regular game. However, free spins can be retriggered while the feature is active.

A Slot Review of Rumble Rhino Megaways

While it’s understandable to err on the side of caution when releasing a new Megaways title, Rumble Rhino Megaways is one of the least innovative debuts we’ve seen in a while. Nothing about it suggests adding it to a list of things to attempt. No one should waste their time with Rumble Rhino Megaways unless they have a pathological fear of leaving the house and a burning desire to see Africa. To be fair, it doesn’t seem that bad—in fact, it’s pretty attractive—but how many times are gamers going to have to be dragged over the scorched African savannah to view the animals? The usage of the Lion King typeface for the royal family is just too much.

Perhaps we wouldn’t feel so shortchanged if Wizard Games had pulled Rumble Rhino Megaways out of its mediocre rut with some fresh ideas. However, Rumble Rhino Megaways fails to impress even in this respect. It’s not so much the two unique icons that are trying their best to make things more cheerful that are the problem. When Mega Symbols land, they can have a significant impact. Since you usually only get one Mystery Symbol, and it doesn’t accomplish anything, they aren’t as exciting. Sometimes, mysterious symbols appear in groups and turn out to be quite helpful.

The free spins bonus is less excusable. The primary problem is that it’s equivalent to just buying a bunch of standard spins and without paying anything extra. It’s easy to complain about the lack of creativity in Megaways slots because they all use the same progressive win multiplier. However, after playing Rumble Rhino Megaways for a while, you’ll wish it had a bonus round, or anything at all. The combination of a lackluster bonus game, a large number of spins that don’t pay out, and visibly low symbol values is enough to kill any desire to keep playing.

To end on a depressing note, picture a future in which all of Africa’s land animals have been exterminated due to human activities such as poaching, sickness, pollution, deforestation, and so on. Books, movies, television, and video games are the only ways future generations will learn about life outside of biodomes. Those magnificent creatures are deserving of better treatment.






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