Craps, Here We Roll

Learn terminology like “Come Out Roll” and “Don’t Pass” to get a feel for the game and win big.

Craps and online craps are both easy to learn if you take the time to familiarize yourself with the lingo used in the game. Let’s take a look at the most widely used phrases during play, such as the Come Out Roll, which kicks off the action.

The Come out roll is the shooter’s initial roll in a fresh game of craps and the first roll made after the point has been set. The shooter either wins, loses, or keeps playing according on the come out roll in craps.

The puck-shaped marker indicates the current round in a game of craps. If the marker indicates ‘off’ and is dark then the player has yet to make his point. To play craps, the player must first establish a point, which occurs when the marker is “on,” white, and put on a number.

Before entering, be informed of the craps game in question. Is it a roll made in the midst of a hand or a come out roll? Don’t crowd the gunman, but don’t push in either while you try to identify him or her. Doing so constitutes an invasion and typically results in a broken energy field and a seven out. If you want to play while standing next to the shooter, you’ll need to be very patient and wait for them to finish their hand before you can start. Make it a point to enter the game at strategic times only and to avoid interrupting the shooter at all costs. The gunman has a jittery disposition and has trouble focusing.

If you’re ready to buy in and have picked your craps position, you should do it as soon as possible, preferably before the come out roll or while the dice are still in the craps box man’s sight. Don’t just throw in your cash and rating card with a “help me right now” mentality or “I’m all in” spirit. To attract the dealer’s attention and indicate your intent to book a bet or pass on the action, just place your money on the table together with your rating card.

If you can’t wait for the come out roll and want to buy in mid-hand, do so only when the dice are in the center and it’s clear that your buy-in won’t delay play. Don’t call for a marker and don’t make bastard bets that confound the dealers and demand frequent explanation. You should enter quietly so that the game may proceed without disrupting the flow for the other players. Your buy-in may cause the game to stop running if not handled appropriately. There is no need to hurry or feel pressed for time.






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